Rock'n Roll "Roxie" av Hiselfoss

f. 06.01.2006

HD 0-1 AA 0

(CH Odenhills Frodo - CH Chianti Catinka av Hiselfoss)

Bailey has been working towards getting an invitation to the big Eukanuba show in December .. In order to attend as a Jr Handler for AKC the jr has to win 5 first place awards in the class they are in.  Bailey is in the open intermediate class until June 2010 when she will turn 15 and then have to move up to the last class of 15-18 year olds.. Open Senior.. we are excited to say.... that she and Roxie have DONE it... they got their last needed first place win in Missoula Montana on Sunday.. Yipeeeee... Here is the blog about their trip for the last week... Roxie is having a wonderful time with them.. there are some photos on this blog too.


February 2010

Here is a recent photo of Roxie at the National specialty in the US 2009. She competed in Jrs with Bailey, they are doing very well together.. Bailey got first place in her class at the specialty and got many looks from other handlers and the judges.. they all said she did a wonderful job with Roxie. 

2years old