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I have recieved this e-mail. It makes me happy when peple let me know my breeding is doing, even though it is not always good news.

Thank you!

We were searching for your website (and found it), because we had a wonderfull dog named Rabble Rouser.
We became him from a man in our village, his wife died and he couldn t life with Rouser on a small appartment.
He knew where we lived, on a small farmhouse en that was a very good diseasion of him, because Rouser had a very nice life with us.
We are a family with three children en some cats.
Rouser became from a breeder in Dalfsen (van t Rijkenspark), Holland.
Rouser died last week 26-8-2014 from a hernia and possibly lymfcancer.
We had a very,very nice and sweet familymember of Rouser and were very sad he is past away.
We wanted to let you know wat happend to him, because we saw also wat happend to his brothers and sisters.
We loved the carather and looks so much of the Bernese mountaindog so much,that in a while we will have a new Bernese.


Henk Jan & Catharina, Pauline, Wessel and Luuk Nijboer
Mienscheer 5, Nuis, Holland.



1 year