Man In The Mirror "Mons"




HD A    AA A

(CH Nøklebyåsen's Ådne - CH Hermine Hufsetufsa av Hiselfoss)

Mons - April 2016


Hurra for Marianne og Mons



Mons BIR m/cert på NKKs utstilling i Harstad 13 måneder gammel!

Mons became BOB and got CAC at NKKs international dog show in Harstad - 13months old!


Mons, 10 months old


The first moments in Mons' life


8 weeks


Mons is living with Beckstrøms in the middle of Norway, Lensvika. He has great a lovely life together with their children and dogs. I know they are doing a lot of walks in the mountains too!