Xweet Xanadu




HD OFA good    AA clear

DM exon1 carrier exon2 clear  /  Von Willabrand clear

(CH Starry Town I'm Break'n News Nellyv - NJV-15 NORDJV-15 CH Ramona av Hiselfoss)

Xweetie 4,5 months old, and BOB & BOG puppy at her first puppy show


Gro Solberg sitt bilde.

She thought it was very OK to spend some nights at a hotel in Denmark before she was leaving to the US


Gro Solberg sitt bilde.

Xweety together with her big sister Wakre Wene Walborg av H at the clubshow in Denmark.


Gro Solberg sitt bilde.

Sharon came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to pick up Xweet Xanadu. We met in Denmark when Xweety was ten weeks old. The flight back home went well, and I hope they will have a great future together. Sharon had Vote For Venus av Hiselfoss, who died last summer one week after her 11th birtday.


Gro Solberg sitt bilde.