Tamarind "Piero"



b.24.05.2015 - d.October 2021 /stroke?

HD A    AA 0

DM exon 1 N/N DM exon 2 N/N

(CH Nøklebyåsen's Ådne - CH Ille Søte Irma av Hiselfoss)

18 months old

Four months old





From the age of eight weeks, until he was ready to go to Italy, Piero spend the time with Toril Brynestad and her crew. He was very well taken care of, and Toril gave him a lot of experince in his daily life.

Thank you very much Toril - both Stefania and I are both very grateful for what you have done for him!

Piero together with Lilli at a dog show in Drammen.

When Piero was almost four months he was picked up by Stefania, and they went back to Italy together!

I guess was a big change in his life to get used to the heat!

I know he will be very well taken care of...