Nei Nei Nanuk "Bamse"



f.21.1.2013 - d.10.01.2024

HD A      AA A 

(CH Nøklebyåsen's Ådne - CH Bedårende Bodil av HIselfoss)

January 10th Bamse had to leave Migle and Geir. He had been living with cancer in his urinary bladder for a while, but now his heart and kidneys couldn't take it anymore.

In the most beautiful winter weather with sun and snow (which you appreciated so much) you went to Dogs Heaven....Thank you for the most wonderful 11 years together with you - our dearest Bamse R.I.P.

Bamse tok en stor bit av oss for alltid. Det blør...Jeg forstår ikke i dag om hvordan vi bare kan finne oss i det. Det er helt svart...Jeg tenker hele tiden om jeg kunne gjort mer...Bror er en vei videre... Vi er bare så vanvittig takknemlige for Bamse. Takk, Gro

Takk til dere - Migle og Geir - for at dere ga Bamse et fantastisk liv.

Ingen hund kan ha det bedre enn det han hadde hos dere.

Jeg vet han var så høyt elsket, og jeg vet at dere gjorde alt som sto i deres makt for ham.


Bamse enjoying life in the south of Norway during spring.

We do hope to have puppies of out this gentle guy during 2020


Bildet kan inneholde: hund, utendørs og natur

December 2018

Geir Helmersen sitt bilde.

May 2017

Geir Helmersen sitt bilde.


Bamse & co have moved to the south of Norway, and I think they enjoy

Geir Helmersen sitt bilde.

Four years old

Geir Helmersen sitt bilde.


14months old

September 2013


Bamse has been here for a short visit of ten days. I wouldn't mind keep him, but I that case I don't think Migle and Geir would be very happy. He is such a nice boy. Very happy to be with the other dogs, and so calm when he is inside. Just the way I like!



At home,

at work

and out in the sunshine!


Bamse lives together with Migle and Geir at Nesbru in Asker. He has already been with them at work where he did great, and they have got to know eachother very well during Easter. The pictures I have recieved tells me that they are doing fine together. I am sure they all will spend a lot of time out in our lovely nature!