Lillebror Messi



f. 30.05.2012

HD A    AA A

(NJV-11 Jerobas van't Stokerybos - CH Madison av Milkcreek)

Messi was back in the show ring as a veteran, and did well.

His best friend and admirer Mia takes very good care of him.

Østfoldtreffet 2020 K

Judge: Freddy S.Christensen, N

exl2/4 & CQ, veteran class


Judge: Marit Sunde, N

exl1/4, veteran class

We forgot they should stay for BOB - BOS veteran, so they went home - happy and satisfied.

18 months

Messi one year old!

Mia & Messi - best friends ever!





Messi and his family live in Ullerøy, Sarpsborg

(Sander, Mia Caroline, Heidi and Maria - Cato is waiting at home)